Dataiku DSS - Reference documentation

Welcome to the reference documentation for Dataiku DSS. This documentation contains:

  • The main documentation of the concepts, interfaces and features of Dataiku DSS

  • Information on how to install and configure Dataiku DSS

  • Information for administrators on how to operate Dataiku DSS

You might also find these other resources useful:

  • The Knowledge Base a variety of topics that can help you to learn more about Dataiku DSS, or find solutions to problems without having to ask for help.

  • The Developer Guide contains all information for developers using Dataiku: how to code in Dataiku, how to create applications, how to operate Dataiku through its APIs, numerous code samples and examples, and reference API documentation

  • The Dataiku Academy provides guided learning paths for you to follow, upskill, and gain certifications on Dataiku DSS.

  • The Dataiku Community is a place where you can join the discussion, get support, share best practices and engage with other Dataiku users.