Dataiku DSS has a number of keyboard shortcuts to ease navigation within the product.

Global Shortcuts

?:Display keyboard shortcuts
g + c:Go to Catalog

Project Navigation

g + f:Go to Flow
g + d:Go to Datasets list
g + a:Go to Analysis list
g + r:Go to Recipes list
g + n:Go to Notebooks list
g + w:Go to Wiki
g + l:Go to Code Libraries
g + i:Go to Insights list
g + j:Go to Jobs list
g + p:Go to Dashboard

Within the Flow

z:Zoom on previous dataset
Z + R:Reset zoom
shift + click:Multiple select individual items
shift + drag:Multiple select in zone
space:Toggle between Details and Actions tab for selected object

Within a Dataset

g + e:Go to Explore tab
g + v:Go to Charts tab
g + l + a:Go to Last Analysis
c:Scroll to column (Explore tab)
s + h + h:Toggle full size / normal size (Charts tab)

Within a Prepare Recipe

c:Scroll to column
a:Open processors library
shift + h:Toggle highlight on current row
shift + v:View complete value of current cell
alt + a:Toggle auto-refresh

Within any Recipe

@ + r + u + n:Runs the recipe

Within any Flow Object

shift+a:Opens the navigator. Use the arrow keys to navigate within the navigator.

Within Plugins Development

@ + r + c + d:Reloads the plugin