Charts are visual aggregations of data that provide insight into the relationships in your datasets.

DSS delivers an advanced data visualization engine through the Charts tab of a dataset or visual analysis. The chart-building interface is essentially the same in both locations, with the following important caveats.

  • Charts in a visual analysis can work in real-time on the output of a data preparation Script. Instead of rebuilding a dataset, simply add a step to the script and view the result immediately.

  • Charts in a dataset can be published as insights for inclusion in dashboards, while charts in a visual analysis cannot. However, when a visual analysis is deployed as a Prepare recipe, its charts can be transferred during deployment to the output dataset.

  • Charts in a dataset can make use of the in-database execution engine, while charts in a visual analysis are always run in the DSS engine.

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For more information, see the Charts section in the Knowledge Base.