Datasets & Indexed Tables

In the Datasets & Indexed Tables section of the Data Catalog, you can search for any dataset used in projects on your organization’s Dataiku instance.

If you have relevant permissions, you can also use a dataset in your own projects, or publish it to a Data Collection or the Feature Store. You also can see details such as the list of projects the dataset is used in, the data steward, and when the dataset was created, modified, or last built.

If your instance admin has indexed your external database connections, you can also toggle to search Indexed External Tables. This section allows you to search your organization’s indexed connections, preview tables and their schemas, and import them as Dataiku datasets.


You also can search for datasets through Search DSS Items, available in the Applications menu on the top navigation bar. As of version 12, though, the Data Catalog is the recommended place to search for datasets, in order to more easily view information about datasets and use them in your own projects.