“Files in folder” dataset

A managed folder is a generic object in the DSS flow that contains files. It can be read and written by Python or R recipes, and files can be added to it either manually or via an API.

In some setups, it is useful to recreate a dataset from such a managed folder. To do this use the Create Dataset action for a manager folder, or use the Files in folder dataset. This is accessed visually via the menu +DATASET / Internal / Files from Folder.

  • Select the folder to read from

  • If needed, select a pattern to select the files to read from the folder. If you don’t select a pattern, all files in the folder are read.

This enables advanced setups like:

  • Having a Python recipe download files from a files-oriented data store that DSS cannot read. The Python recipe downloads the files to a managed folder. This way, it does not have to deal with parsing the files.

  • Having a files-in-folder dataset do the parsing and extraction from the intermediate folder.


Even when the folder backing the “Files in folder” dataset is on HDFS, the dataset can’t be used as Hive table. Use a normal HDFS dataset pointing at the same location as the folder instead.