Azure Blob StorageΒΆ

Azure Blob datasets are now available on DSS. Should you work with pre existing data or store new datasets on a azure container we will be able to so.

As for any on-cloud object storage systems filesystem hierarchies and mechanism will be emulated to manage files in azure-blob. You will be able to organize your data by defining URIs as object names or keys; (For example “marketing/2016-12/activity.log” )


Azure Blob as a filesystem-like storage comes with a few limitations:
  • keys must not start with a /
  • “files” with names containing / are not supported
  • “folders” (prefixes) . and .. are not supported
  • like on a filesystem, a file and a folder with the same name are not supported: if a file some/key exists, it takes precedence over a some/key/ prefix / folder
  • multiple successive / are not supported

Before connecting to Azure blob with DSS you need to :

  • Create at least one container on azure
  • retreave the storage account and a accesskey

(See the official documentation for more details)

To configure your connection you must specify :

  • your storage account on the storageAccount field )
  • your secret key on the accessKey field
  • Idealy a default managed container for managed dataset
  • You can also specify a path within container for managed datasets