Jobs fail to run


This issue means that the running container is unable to connect to the DSS backend. Some possible reasons for this error include:

  • The container tries to connect to a name that cannot be resolved to an IP address from the container.

  • The network is not routing traffic out of the cluster towards the machine hosting DSS.

  • A firewall is blocking access to the machine hosting DSS. This could be a result of cloud network rules as well as a local firewall.

This list is not exhaustive; however, the most common issue is that the host name cannot be resolved as-is by the container. To fix this, you can add the following variable in DATADIR/bin/

export DKU_BACKEND_EXT_HOST="" # DNS name or IP address of DSS backend, reachable from the containers

Restart DSS when you are done. You can test if the networking works as expected by clicking the Test button available at the top right corner of each configuration in Administration > Settings > Containerized execution.

Kubernetes job failed, exitCode=1, reason=Error

This message means that the process inside the container exited with an error return code. You will likely find in previous log lines a Python stack trace giving more information about what happened. The most common issue that causes this failure is the requests.exceptions.ConnectionError above.

Spark on Kubernetes

If your see the error above in a Spark on Kubernetes container, you will need to set to the DNS name or IP address of DSS backend. You can do this in the Spark section of DSS general administration settings. Please refer to Spark configurations for more information.