Transform string

Perform a variety of encoding, decoding, and string transformations on one or several columns. Transformations are always done in-place. For more advanced transformations, use the Formula processor.



Apply transformation to the following:

  • A single column

  • An explicit list of columns

  • All columns matching a regex pattern

  • All columns


Select transformation to apply:

  • Convert to uppercase/lowercase: convert all text to upper or lower case

  • Encode/decode URL: form URL escape (nice 7% -> nice%207%25) or unescape (nice%207%25 -> nice 7%)

  • Escape/unescape XML entities: replace &lt;, &gt;, and &amp; by <, > and & respectively in XML strings

  • Escape/unescape Unicode values: replace Unicode characters by their codepoint: é -> \u00e9 or the opposite

  • Remove leading/trailing whitespace: trim

  • Capitalize: put a capital letter at the beginning of each cell

  • Capitalize every word: put a capital letter at the beginning of each word in the cell

  • Normalize: convert to lowercase, remove accents, and perform Unicode normalization (Café -> cafe)

  • Truncate: keep only the first N characters of the cell