Format date with custom format

Format data in standard ISO-8601 format (yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.SSSZ) to another custom date format. Use this processor to convert an ISO-8601 date into a string that may be easier to read.


Input column

Column containing data in ISO-8601 format. Use a Prepare step to parse your data into this format if it isn’t already.

Date format

Specify the custom date format of the output column using the Java syntax for date specifier.


Common patterns include y (year), M (month in year), w (week in year), d (day in month), E (day name in week), a (am/pm marker), H (hour in day 0-24), h (hour in am/pm 1-12), m (minute in hour), s (second in minute), S (millisecond), Z (time zone).


Translate date information in locale format (like ‘mercredi’ or ‘janvier’ in French).


Change the timezone from the UTC default. Options include using a TZ column, an IP column, or specifying a timezone from the dropdown.

Output column

Leave blank to format data in place, or create a separate output column.


If the output format is not ISO-8601, DSS will treat it as an unparsed date.