Extract date elements

Extract various elements of a ISO-8601 formatted date (yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.SSSZ) to other columns.


Date column

Column containing data in ISO-8601 format. Use a Prepare step to parse your data into this format if it isn’t already.


Change the timezone from the UTC default. Options include using a TZ column, an IP column, or specifying a timezone from the dropdown.

Date elements

To extract a given date element into a column, give the corresponding column a name. Each output column is optional; if left empty, the processor will not extract the date element.


Year, month (1-12), day, day of week (1-7, 1=Monday, 7=Sunday), hour, minutes, seconds, milliseconds, week of year (1-53), timestamp (UNIX timestamp in seconds since Epoch) can all be extracted as separate outputs.