Split column

Split a column into several columns on each occurrence of the delimiter. The output columns are numbered: The first chunk will be in prefix_0, the second in prefix_1, and so on.


  • Split col=a/b/c using / as the delimiter and chunk as the output column prefix

    • Output: chunk_0=a, chunk_1=b, chunk_3=c

  • Split col=a/b/c using / as the delimiter, chunk as the output column prefix, and keep 2 columns from the beginning

    • Output: chunk_0=a, chunk_1=b



Separates values from each input column within the output.

Output columns prefix

Add a prefix to identify the output columns.

Output as

Output the result(s) of the split as separate columns or as an array (A-B["A",”B”]).


Limit the number of output columns and keep only the first N columns or the N last columns.

Keep empty chunks

Preserve empty chunks between consecutive delimiters. (App, delimiter p["A", “”, “”])