Round numbers

Round decimal numbers in one or several columns using round, floor, or ceil.



Apply rounding to numbers in the following:

  • A single column

  • An explicit list of columns

  • All columns matching a regex pattern

  • All columns

Rounding mode

Select how to round numbers:

  • Round: Round the number to the specified significant digit.

  • Floor: Round the number down, or toward zero.

  • Ceil: Round the number up, or away from zero.

Significant digits

Control the precision of the number. 1234.5 with 2 significant digits is 1200. Using 0 means the number is unbounded and keeps all significant digits.

Decimal places

How many numbers to show after the decimal point. 1.234 with 1 decimal place is 1.2. Using 0 rounds to the integer; -2 rounds to the hundreds.