Compute the average of numerical values

This processor computes the line by line arithmetical mean (average) of a set of numeric columns.

For a given line, empty columns will be ignored, the mean will be calculated only over the non-empty columns. If all columns are empty, the result will be either an empty cell or a default value defined in the processor options.

Columns selection

This processor can compute the mean over multiple columns:

  • An explicit list of columns

  • All columns matching a given pattern


  • Mean of [1, 2, 3] will be 2

  • Mean of [1, 2, ""] will be 1.5 (the empty cell is ignored)

  • Mean of ["", ""] will be an empty cell or the default value, depending on the processor options.

Note that the processor doesn’t support non-numeric values: Mean of [1, 2, "some text"] may yield an error when the recipe runs, depending on the execution environment.