DSS tried to perform an HTTP request which failed.

This error can happen:

  • when trying to preview or use HTTP datasets

  • when trying to run a download recipe with HTTP sources

This error indicates that a connection could be established, but that there was a subsequent issue with the HTTP request. The message of the error will contain additional information.

Some common reasons for a HTTP request failure are:

  • The URL is incorrect

  • There was an error on the HTTP server’s side

  • There is a proxy preventing DSS from fetching that URL

  • The URL is incorrectly labeled as HTTPS instead of HTTP or vice-versa


The first step for solving this issue is to go to the dataset’s or download recipe settings screen.

  • Refer to the documentation on HTTP dataset and documentation on DSS and Hive in order to get additional information on HTTP sources in DSS.

  • Make sure that the URLs are correct

  • Try accessing these URLs in the browser

  • Try accessing these URLs using the curl command line from the DSS server

  • Check if a proxy is between DSS and the HTTP server(s), ask your DSS Administrator to review DSS’s proxy settings (in Administration > Settings > Misc).
    On the HTTP dataset’s (or Dowload recipe’s) settings, you can specify whether its URLs should be fetched through DSS’s globally-configured proxy (for external networks / Internet) or not (for internal network).