ERR_DATASET_CSV_UNTERMINATED_QUOTE: Error in CSV file: Unterminated quote

While parsing a CSV file, DSS encountered the start of a quoted field, but not the end. This prevents DSS from successfully parsing the CSV file.

While this can sometimes indicate a broken CSV file, in the vast majority of cases, this issue is caused by a wrong CSV Quoting style. For more details about CSV quoting styles, please see Delimiter-separated values (CSV / TSV).

Generally speaking, it means you have used “Excel” quoting style (the default) but your file is actually Unix or Escaping-only


  • Go to the dataset settings

  • Go to the “Format/Preview” tab

  • In the “Style” section, select “Unix”

  • Save the settings and try again

  • If you still encounter an issue, try again with “Escaping only”