DSS supports the full range of features on MySQL:

  • Reading and writing datasets
  • Executing SQL recipes
  • Performing visual recipes in-database
  • Using live engine for charts


  • TZ issue

Installing the driver

Secure connections (SSL / TLS) support

DSS can connect to a MySQL server using secure connections.

Importing the server certificate and creating the client certificate

Please follow the instructions laid out here:

Note: the default passwords for the keystore and truststore are changeme.

Setting Java command-line options

In order to connect, you need to add some specific command-line switches to the DSS Java processes.

For more information on that topic, please see Java runtime environment

You will need to add the 4 -Djavax... options detailed in the previous web page. These options must be added for the following processes:

  • backend
  • fek
  • jek

Your install.ini file should therefore look like:


Don’t forget to restart DSS.

Setting up the MySQL connection

In the settings of the connection, add an “Advanced property”:

  • Key: useSSL
  • Value: true