Installing database drivers

Before being able to create SQL-based datasets, you need to install the proper JDBC drivers for the database that you intend to connect to.

Additionally, PostgreSQL script recipe support requires the command-line psql client to be installed. See PostgreSQL support.

Download the driver

Data Science Studio comes with bundled drivers for :

  • PostgreSQL 9

  • Pivotal Greenplum

  • Amazon Redshift

  • SQlite

Drivers for other databases must be downloaded from your database vendor.



Download link



Requires a My Vertica account


SQL Server


See note below

To install BigQuery driver, please follow the instructions listed in connecting to BigQuery

Stop Data Science Studio

In this page, DATA_DIR refers to the data directory where you installed Data Science Studio.


On macOS, the DATA_DIR is always: $HOME/Library/DataScienceStudio/dss_home

Installation of JDBC drivers must be done while Data Science Studio is stopped.

DATA_DIR/bin/dss stop

Copy the driver

Copy the driver’s JAR file (and its dependencies, if any) to the DATA_DIR/lib/jdbc folder

Restart Data Science Studio

DATA_DIR/bin/dss start

PostgreSQL support

Data Science Studio supports datasets stored in PostgreSQL 9 and above.


PostgreSQL version 8 is not supported.

PostgreSQL script recipe support additionally requires the command-line psql client to be available in the search PATH of the Studio Linux account.

You should install a command-line client compatible with your version of the server. Depending on your Linux distribution, the appropriate client may be available in a standard OS package named “postgresql-client” (Debian / Ubuntu) or “postgresql” (RedHat / CentOS 7). If that is not the case, you can install the correct client for your server and OS by configuring an extra package repository as described at .