Installing an automation node

You need to manually install an automation node if you plan to deploy projects to automation. See Production deployments and bundles for more information.

The process of installing a DSS automation node instance is very similar to a regular DSS installation. Requirements and Installing a new DSS instance thus remain mostly valid.


Unpack the kit like for a design node.

Then from the user account which will be used to run the DSS automation node, enter the following command:

dataiku-dss-VERSION/ -t automation -d DATA_DIR -p PORT -l LICENSE_FILE


  • DATA_DIR is the location of the data directory that you want to use. If the directory already exists, it must be empty.

  • PORT is the base TCP port.

  • LICENSE_FILE is your DSS license file.

In short, all installation steps are the same as for a design node, you simply need to add -t automation to the command-line.


Using the automation node requires a specific DSS license. Please contact Dataiku for more information.

Dependencies handling, enabling startup at boot time, and starting the automation node, work exactly as for the DSS design node.