Running DSS as a Docker container

Dataiku provides a Docker image for DSS.


This image is mainly offered as a base image to build upon. If you use this image directly, it will lack a lot of the configuration of a typical DSS installation. For instance:

  • Most databases won’t be directly usable because the drivers are not included

  • Hadoop connectivity won’t work from scratch because the client libraries are not included


Familiarity with building and running Docker images is recommended to use DSS inside a Docker container.

Instead, you can build your own image on top of the DSS one, using FROM dataiku/dss and adding anything required to fit your requirements.


Running DSS itself as a container (either by running Docker directly, or through Kubernetes) is generally speaking incompatible with the ability to leverage containers as a processing engine. See Elastic AI computation

You can mount an existing data directory as /home/dataiku/dss, see the Docker Hub page for DSS.