Using the apinode-admin tool

A DSS API node deployment includes a command-line tool to manage the API node: ./bin/apinode-admin

Almost all administration operations can be performed using this command-line tool running locally on the DSS API node server.


This method is not available on Dataiku Cloud.


API node administration can also be performed (including remotely) through the REST Admin API or its Python client. See API node administration API for more information.

The general syntax is:

./bin/apinode-admin COMMAND COMMAND_ARGS
  • Running ./bin/apinode-admin -h lists the available commands

  • Running ./bin/apinode-admin COMMAND -h prints the help for COMMAND

The main commands of the apinode-admin tool are:

Commands to manage the list of services

  • services-list

  • service-create

  • service-delete

Commands to manage the on-disk generations of a service

  • service-import-generation

  • service-list-generations

Commands to manage the activation of generations

  • service-switch-to-newest

  • service-switch-to-generation

  • service-set-mapping (Command to set a multi-version service. See Managing versions of your endpoint)

  • service-enable

  • service-disable

Commands for administration API keys management

  • admin-keys-list

  • admin-key-create

  • admin-key-delete

Other commands

  • metrics-get

  • predict