Upgrading FM

You can upgrade Fleet Manager to a more recent version by following these steps:

  • Find the Fleet Manager data disk in the resource group where Fleet Manager was deployed, its name should end with “-data-disk”.

  • Create a snapshot of the data disk. Once the snapshot has been created, click on its “Properties” and make a note of the “Resource ID”.

  • Delete FM’s Virtual Machine

    • On the delete confirmation tab that appears, also select the “OS disk” and “Data disks” to be deleted along with the virtual machine.

    • You do not need to delete the network interfaces or public IP addresses.

  • Refresh the resource group until the VM and its disks have disappeared from the list of resources.

  • Follow the guided setup example to deploy the new version of Fleet Manager.

    • When filling in the Azure deployment template, enter the data disk snapshot’s “Resource ID” in the “Snapshot” field

  • Once the deployment is complete, the new version of Fleet Manager will be up and running.