Introduction to Govern

Govern licenses

Depending on which license you have, you will be able to use the Govern node differently in your Dataiku cluster.

  1. Standard license: The standard license will give you access to all core features and pages.

  2. Advanced license: Advanced Dataiku Govern allows you to customize your instance. In other words, it empowers you to create custom pages, workflows, sign-offs, and more.


The projects, models, model versions, and bundles are the same as in the rest of the Dataiku suite. From Dataiku Govern an extra layer of governance can be added to each project/model/model version/bundle, including specific attachments, definitions, metrics or workflows.

Once this optional layer has been applied to projects, models, model versions or bundles, they are referred to as Govern projects, Govern models, Govern model versions and Govern bundles.

Govern hierarchy

Dataiku Govern employs inheritance throughout its architecture, and therefore relies on an information hierarchy.