A job fails

When a job fails, go to the page of the failed job. This page gives a lot of information about why jobs did not succeed

Source dataset is not ready

If this error appears, it means that one of the source datasets required for running this job was not usable, which can mean:

  • For a database dataset, it was not possible to connect to the database
  • For a SQL dataset, the source SQL table did not exist (or could not be accessed)
  • For a filesystem (or HDFS, S3, Azure Blob, FTP, …) dataset, the input data file or folder did not exist

The error message contains the name of the dataset having issues (as well as the partition, in the case of partitioned dataset). Explore this dataset, and fix the issues with the source data.

Dataset is already being built

One of the recipe failed

If you see the two-columns layout, with recipes on the left, and logs on the right, and one of the recipes is in “failed” state, click on it to see the logs of the recipe. Read carefully both the error message and