List of recognized meanings

Here is the list of meanings that DSS recognizes.

Basic meanings


Anything is valid for the “Text” meaning.


Recognizes “raw” decimals (like: 1234.32). Accepts negative and scientific notation


Recognizes “raw” integers (like: 1234). If the number is higher than 2147483647 or lower than -2147483648, use bigint type.


This meaning recognizes a large number of possible values (true, false, yes, no, 1, 0, …)

Date / Dates (needs parsing)

The Date meaning only recognizes dates in the ISO-8601 format, ie dates like 2014-12-31T23:05:43.123Z

Note that the timezone information is mandatory for a valid Date

For all other kinds of dates the “Date (needs parsing)” meaning will be recognized. For more information, see:

Object / Array

Recognizes objects and arrays in JSON notation

Natural language

Recognizes “long text made of words”

Geospatial meanings

Latitude / Longitude

This meaning recognizes a large number of formats for expressing geometric coordinates.


This meaning recognizes a large number of formats for expressing a point in geometric coordinates (notably WKT)


This meaning recognizes WKT format for geographic lines, polygons and multipolygons.


The Country meaning recognizes country names (in English) and ISO Country codes

US State

This meaning recognizes both short codes and full names for USA states.

Web-specific meanings

  • IP Address (IPv4 and IPv6)

  • URL

  • HTTP Query String

  • User Agent

  • E-Mail address

Other meanings

DSS recognizes a few other specific meanings