Installing a Govern node

You need to manually install a Govern node if you plan to use Dataiku governance capabilities. See Governance for more information.

The process of installing a Govern instance is very similar to a regular DSS installation, except for the database requirement below. Requirements and Installing a new DSS instance thus remain mostly valid.

Database requirements

Govern is based on a Postgresql 12+ database for the storage of data. A dedicated database and user need to be created on the Postgresql instance for Govern:

CREATE USER <govern_user> WITH ENCRYPTED PASSWORD '<govern_pwd>';
CREATE DATABASE <govern_db> OWNER <govern_user>;

Where <govern_user>, <govern_pwd> and <govern_db> are the values of your choice.


Unpack the kit, just like for a design node.

Then from the user account which will be used to run Dataiku Govern, enter the following command:

dataiku-dss-VERSION/ -t govern -d DATA_DIR -p PORT -l LICENSE_FILE


  • DATA_DIR is the location of the data directory that you want to use. If the directory already exists, it must be empty.

  • PORT is the base TCP port to be used for Govern.

  • LICENSE_FILE is the path to your DSS license file.

In short, all installation steps are the same as for a design node, you simply need to add -t govern to the command-line.

Dependencies handling, enabling startup at boot time, and starting the govern node, work exactly as for the design node.

Post-installation steps

Before starting Govern, the Postgresql database connection needs to be setup in the settings. Edit DATA_DIR/config/ and add the connection setting there:


Where <govern_user>, <govern_pwd> and <govern_db> should be replaced with the value used previously to create the user and database for Govern. In case there’s a specific schema to be used for govern, it can be specified with ?currentSchema=<govern_schema>. This is optional, and this part may be removed from the URL if default schema configured in the database is to be used. <psql_host> and <psql_port> should point to a running PostgreSQL server.

Finally, for bootstrapping the initial configuration of govern, issue the following command (only first time after kit installation):

DATA_DIR/bin/govern-admin init-db

Govern can then be started with the standard command:

DATA_DIR/bin/dss start