Managing Data Collections

Data Collections can be created by anyone whose security group has been granted permission to create Data Collections by the instance admin in Global group permissions.

Data Collections settings

If you are an Admin of a Data Collection, you can edit a data collection’s name, description, icon color, add or remove tags, by clicking on the relevant item and editing in place.

Managing Data Collection Users

If you are an Admin of a Data Collection, you can also add or remove DSS users and groups from the collection and change their roles. This feature is available with the “Edit security settings” option in the “…” menu of a Data Collection.

Data Collection Roles

Within a Data Collection, there are 3 types of roles: Admins, Contributors, and Readers.

  • Admins control access to the Data Collection by adding and removing users and assigning them roles (Admin, Contributor or Reader). They can also edit the Data Collection settings or delete the Data Collection.

  • Contributors can publish datasets to the Data Collection or remove them. In order to publish a dataset from a DSS project, a Contributor needs to have permission from the project owner; this is granted at the project level, separately from Data Collection membership. See Publishing to a Data Collection for more information.

  • Readers can access and interact with the content of the Data Collection.