User profiles

Each user in DSS has a single “user profile” assigned to it.


User profile is not a security feature, but a licensing-related concept. DSS licenses are restricted in number of each profile.

We do not provide any guarantee that the user profile is strictly applied.

For security, use the regular groups authorization model described in this documentation. Do not use user profiles to implement any kind of security.

Depending on your Dataiku license, various user profiles may be available. The exact definition of user profiles that are available depends on your DSS license. In case of any doubt, please contact your Dataiku Customer Success Manager. You may have other profiles available, or only some of them.

Some of the possible profiles are:

  • Designer: Designers have full access to all Dataiku features

  • Reader: Readers can read the content of projects but cannot perform any kind of modification. They can access dashboards and webapps.

  • Explorer: Explorers have the capabilities of readers, and they can also use Dataiku Applications. They can also create their own dashboards and insights, but only based on datasets/models/…

Other profiles may be available, and not all of these may be available. Please contact your Dataiku Customer Success Manager for any further information