Find and replace

Find and replace strings in one or more columns. Find/Replace supports multiple replacements: Several replacements can be applied on the same cell, one after the other.

To stop the replacement after the first occurrence, select Only perform the first matching replacement.



Apply find and replace to the following:

  • A single column

  • An explicit list of columns

  • All columns matching a regex pattern

  • All columns

Output column

Create a separate output column or leave blank to perform find and replace in-column.


List the strings to match and their corresponding replacements.

Matching mode

Determine the type of replacement for find and replace to perform.

  • Complete value: replace the entire content of the matched cell

  • Substring: replace all occurrences of a string within the cell

  • Regular expression: replace matches of a regular expression


  • Regular expression matching supports group captures. Reference groups using the $index notation. If you want to find/replace val-17-x into V17, use the following replacement val-([0-9]*)-.*V$1

  • To replace the symbol $ in a regular expression match, escape it and type \$.

Normalization mode

Specify how to find the match:

  • Exact (no transformation): use case-sensitive search

  • Lowercase: use case-insenstive search


Accent-insensitive normalization is only available for complete value matching.