Plugins’ code environments

Since plugins package Python or R code, they sometimes need to impose requirements on the installed packages so that they can run on an instance of DSS.

Defining requirements of a plugin

Making the plugin package a code environment definition is one of the 2 modes available to plugins writers, and the preferred one. See Other topics

Creating code environment instances for plugins

After installing a plugin that contains a code environment definition, the user is prompted to create a code environment for the plugin. To create the code environment for a plugin after the plugin’s installation:

  • go to Administration > Plugins

  • open the plugin or expand its requirements notice in the list

  • use Create or Create a new one to create a new code environment with the definition in the plugin

  • or select among the existing code environments for that plugin

  • Be sure to click the ‘Create’ button in lower left of the plugin home page


Plugin code environment types

Code environments for plugins are only of 2 types:

  • managed code environments are created by DSS according to the definition in the plugin

  • non-managed code environments are empty code environments where the user has to run the installation commands manually