Comparing security modes

DSS features two security modes:

  • Regular mode
  • Multi-user-security mode
Feature Regular security Multi-user security
Access control on projects Yes Yes
Access control on connections Yes Yes
Enforcement of permissions to execute code Yes Yes
Per-user credentials on SQL connections No Yes
Execution of local code Single user Multi users
Execution of Hadoop code Single user Multi users
Execution of Spark code Single user Multi users
Connecting to secure Hadoop clusters (Kerberos) Yes Yes
HDFS ACLs to enforce permissions even against code execution No Yes
Authentication against LDAP directory Yes Yes
Traceability of all actions, including code execution Yes Yes
Non-repudiable audit log Yes Yes
Hadoop-level traceability of actions (Cloudera Navigator, Atlas, …) Single user All users

See the comparison of Dataiku DSS editions to determine what levels of security apply to your installation.