Reference API documentation of dataikuapi

This page contains the index of classes in the public API Python client (i.e. in the dataikuapi package) and serves as its reference API documentation

Core classes

dataikuapi.DSSClient(host[, api_key, …]) Entry point for the DSS API client
dataikuapi.dss.project.DSSProject(client, …) A handle to interact with a project on the DSS instance.

Project folders

dataikuapi.dss.projectfolder.DSSProjectFolder(…) A handle to interact with a project folder on the DSS instance.
dataikuapi.dss.projectfolder.DSSProjectFolderSettings(…) A handle to interact with project folder settings


dataikuapi.dss.dataset.DSSDataset(client, …) A dataset on the DSS instance.

Managed folders

dataikuapi.dss.managedfolder.DSSManagedFolder(…) A managed folder on the DSS instance


dataikuapi.dss.recipe.DSSRecipe(client, …) A handle to an existing recipe on the DSS instance.
dataikuapi.dss.recipe.GroupingRecipeCreator(…) Create a Group recipe
dataikuapi.dss.recipe.JoinRecipeCreator(…) Create a Join recipe
dataikuapi.dss.recipe.StackRecipeCreator(…) Create a Stack recipe
dataikuapi.dss.recipe.WindowRecipeCreator(…) Create a Window recipe
dataikuapi.dss.recipe.SyncRecipeCreator(…) Create a Sync recipe
dataikuapi.dss.recipe.SamplingRecipeCreator(…) Create a Sample/Filter recipe
dataikuapi.dss.recipe.SQLQueryRecipeCreator(…) Create a SQL query recipe
dataikuapi.dss.recipe.SplitRecipeCreator(…) Create a Split recipe

Machine Learning, …), …) Object to read and modify the settings of a ML task.


dataikuapi.dss.job.DSSJob(client, …) A job on the DSS instance


dataikuapi.dss.scenario.DSSScenario(client, …) A handle to interact with a scenario on the DSS instance.
dataikuapi.dss.scenario.DSSScenarioRun(…) A handle containing basic info about a past run of a scenario.
dataikuapi.dss.scenario.DSSTriggerFire(…) A handle representing the firing of a trigger on a scenario.

API node services

dataikuapi.dss.apiservice.DSSAPIService(…) An API Service from the API Designer on the DSS instance, …)

User-defined meanings

dataikuapi.dss.meaning.DSSMeaning(client, id) A user-defined meaning on the DSS instance


dataikuapi.dss.admin.DSSUser(client, login) A handle for a user on the DSS instance.
dataikuapi.dss.admin.DSSGroup(client, name) A group on the DSS instance.
dataikuapi.dss.admin.DSSConnection(client, name) A connection on the DSS instance.
dataikuapi.dss.admin.DSSGeneralSettings(client) The general settings of the DSS instance.
dataikuapi.dss.admin.DSSUserImpersonationRule([raw]) Helper to build user-level rule items for the impersonation settings
dataikuapi.dss.admin.DSSGroupImpersonationRule([raw]) Helper to build group-level rule items for the impersonation settings
dataikuapi.dss.future.DSSFuture(client, job_id) A future on the DSS instance
dataikuapi.dss.notebook.DSSNotebook(client, …) A Python/R/Scala notebook on the DSS instance