These classes are various utilities that are used in various parts of the API.

class dataikuapi.dss.utils.DSSDatasetSelectionBuilder

Builder for a “dataset selection”. In DSS, a dataset selection is used to select a part of a dataset for processing.

Depending on the location where it is used, a selection can include: * Sampling * Filtering by partitions (for partitioned datasets) * Filtering by an expression * Selection of columns * Ordering

Please see the sampling documentation of DSS for a detailed explanation of the sampling methods.


Returns the built selection dict


Sets the sampling to ‘first records’ mode


Sets the sampling to ‘no sampling, all data’ mode


Sets the sampling to ‘Random sampling, fixed number of records’ mode


Sets partition filtering on the given partition identifiers. The dataset to select must be partitioned.

class dataikuapi.dss.utils.DSSFilterBuilder

Builder for a “filter”. In DSS, a filter is used to define a subset of rows for processing.


Returns the built filter dict


Sets the filter to deduplicate


Sets the formula (DSS formula) used to filter rows

class dataikuapi.dss.utils.DSSInfoMessages(data)

Contains a list of dataikuapi.dss.utils.DSSInfoMessage. Do not instantiate this class.

property messages

The messages as a list of dataikuapi.dss.utils.DSSInfoMessage

property has_messages

True if there is any message

property has_error

True if there is any error message

property max_severity

The max severity of the messages

property has_success

True if there is any success message

property has_warning

True if there is any warning message

class dataikuapi.dss.utils.DSSInfoMessage(data)

An InfoMessage with a code, a title, a severity and a content. Do not instantiate this class.

property severity

The severity of the message

property code

The code of the message

property details

The details of the message

property title

The title of the message

property message

The full message