Reference API documentation

This page contains the index of all classes in the public API Python client and serves as its reference API documentation

Core classes

dataikuapi.dssclient.DSSClient(host[, …]) Entry point for the DSS API client
dataikuapi.dss.project.DSSProject(client, …) A handle to interact with a project on the DSS instance.


dataikuapi.dss.dataset.DSSDataset(client, …) A dataset on the DSS instance

Managed folders

dataikuapi.dss.managedfolder.DSSManagedFolder(…) A managed folder on the DSS instance

Machine Learning, …) A handle to interact with a MLTask for prediction or clustering in a DSS visual analysis, …) Object to read and modify the settings of a ML task.


dataikuapi.dss.job.DSSJob(client, …) A job on the DSS instance


dataikuapi.dss.scenario.DSSScenario(client, …) A handle to interact with a scenario on the DSS instance
dataikuapi.dss.scenario.DSSScenarioRun(…) A handle containing basic info about a past run of a scenario.
dataikuapi.dss.scenario.DSSTriggerFire(…) The activation of a trigger on the DSS instance

API node services

dataikuapi.dss.apiservice.DSSAPIService(…) An API Service on the DSS instance, …) A handle to interact with a MLTask for prediction or clustering in a DSS visual analysis

User-defined meanings

dataikuapi.dss.meaning.DSSMeaning(client, id) A user-defined meaning on the DSS instance


dataikuapi.dss.admin.DSSUser(client, login) A handle for a user on the DSS instance.
dataikuapi.dss.admin.DSSGroup(client, name) A group on the DSS instance.
dataikuapi.dss.admin.DSSConnection(client, name) A connection on the DSS instance
dataikuapi.dss.admin.DSSGeneralSettings(client) The general settings of the DSS instance.
dataikuapi.dss.admin.DSSUserImpersonationRule([raw]) Helper to build user-level rule items for the impersonation settings
dataikuapi.dss.admin.DSSGroupImpersonationRule([raw]) Helper to build group-level rule items for the impersonation settings
dataikuapi.dss.future.DSSFuture(client, job_id) A future on the DSS instance
dataikuapi.dss.notebook.DSSNotebook(client, …) A Python/R/Scala notebook on the DSS instance