Upgrading FM

In the rest of this procedure, DATA_DIR denotes the location of the FM Data directory.

Notes and limitations

For each version of FM, we publish Release notes, which indicate the detailed limitations, attention points and notes about release. We strongly advise that you read all release notes for the new FM version before starting the upgrade.

Pre-upgrade tasks


Before upgrading, it is very highly recommended to backup the whole content of the data directory.


Stop the old version

DATA_DIR/bin/fm stop

Unpack the distribution tarball in the location you have chosen for the new installation directory.

tar xzf /PATH/TO/dataiku-fm-NEWVERSION.tar.gz
# This creates installation directory SOMEDIR/dataiku-fm-NEWVERSION for the new version

Perform the upgrade:

dataiku-fm-NEWVERSION/installer.sh -d DATA_DIR -u

Like for normal install, FM will check for missing system dependencies, and ask you to run a dependencies installation command with superuser privileges if needed.

FM may ask you to confirm migration of the existing data directory

Start the new version:

DATA_DIR/bin/fm start