Dataiku Govern provides you with tools to manage and track the status of your AI projects and models. The workflows can be followed and continually filled-out to track the progress of the projects or models.

You will be able to attach extra contextual information and predefined workflows to projects, models, model versions and bundles that are being worked on your Dataiku instances. The extra contextual information might include:

  • Specifying the person responsible for a specific project.

  • Adding in notes on the latest update on progress.

  • Attaching documentation for a project or a model version.

In Dataiku Govern, you fill in this extra contextual information on the Overview page of a Govern project, model, or model version.


The workflows involve updating the status of a project or model version (e.g., whether something is being explored, being worked on or is completed). In Dataiku Govern, a workflow has a sequential series of steps to track progress of the item (for example, “In Progress”, “Under Review”, etc.). Each step also can have its own fields to post updates, attach relevant documents, etc. You fill in this information on the workflow page of a governed project or a governed model version. Models do not have workflows.


Project Qualification

A common challenge when dealing with multiple projects is thinking about how to qualify the projects in order to prioritize work. The Project Qualification step in the project workflow aims to define the level of value, risk and feasibility of each project.

You can use the Matrix view on the Governed projects page to compare metrics across governed projects.


Customized Workflows (Advanced license only)

While not included by default, Dataiku Govern was built to support extensive customization, providing more flexibility for clients with complex governance requirements for which the predefined templates aren’t sufficient. For example, you may want to customize:

  • the number of steps in each workflow

  • the fields for team members to fill in on each workflow step

  • sign-off workflow steps


Learn more about customized workflows in this section on Custom workflows.