Sign-off Scenario

Dataiku Govern allows you to require stakeholder sign-off on model versions before they are deployed to production on certain infrastructures.

Configure in Dataiku

Once Dataiku Deploy is linked with the Dataiku Govern instance, the governance policy has to be defined for each infrastructure of the API node. From the settings, you can choose between 3 levels of governance policy that will apply for all model versions when trying to deploy them:

  1. Prevent the deployment of unapproved packages

  2. Warn and ask for confirmation before deploying unapproved packages

  3. Always deploy without checking


You can retrieve the information in the Govern Policy setting of your infrastructure.

A Governance status section is visible for each model version of saved models in their summary page, letting you know at which stage of the Governance workflow process your model is.


If you try to deploy a model version on an infrastructure that is under the “Prevent…” policy, you will get an error asking you to complete the approval process before deployment. If the policy is set to “Warn…”, you will receive a warning asking you if you really want to continue the deployment.



In the Govern process, Sign-off is broken down into “Feedback” and “Final Approval” (we will use the word “reviewers” to describe anyone in either group).

There are multiple answer slots for Feedback, but only one for the Final Approval (the slots can be assigned to either Roles or individuals)

Feedback is optional - it is intended to give the Final Approver more information for their approval decision (and to give the creator of the model version useful feedback)

Feedback can come from IT & Operations teams, Risk & Compliance teams and Business teams

The Final Approval answer is what is checked by Dataiku when deploying a model (to block deployment or give a warning, depending on the infrastructure settings). This means that it is possible to skip the Feedback section and just have the Final Approver sign off.

Reviewers can be reused in the same sign-off process (e.g. someone could be asked for both “Feedback” and “Final Approver”).

Reviewers are defined at the governed project level in “Sign-off reviewers and approvers” and will be the same for all model versions attached to this project.


Review Process

First, a user requests a review of a model version by using the button in the governed model version workflow page (under the “review“ step). The user can choose to send emails to the reviewers notifying them that their review has been requested.

Each reviewer can approve, raise a minor issue or raise a major issue about the model version, but only the final approver has the final call and can approve/reject/abandon the model version.

If the model version is approved, the model version status is updated and the model can be deployed on production.


If the model version is abandoned or rejected, the workflow is locked and deployment is not possible.

Email Notifications

Govern will notify you when an important status change happens on a sign-off that you are part of, for example if someone requests an approval from you.

Please note that this feature needs be configured by your administrator first, see Setting up email notifications.