Govern Projects, Models, and Bundles

Governable Items

After connecting Dataiku Govern to your existing Dataiku instances, Govern will automatically provide a view of all your projects and saved models. You can use a dedicated page called “Governable Items” to choose which of these items to “Govern” - this means choosing which items to manage with the predefined governance plans (to track their status, centralize progress reports, etc.).

You can use the “Hide” button to remove anything from the Governable Items page that you don’t intend to govern (and you can use the “Visibility” filter to find previously-hidden items that you decide to govern).



You can choose to govern projects. Any projects you choose not to govern will continue to function in the rest of Dataiku as usual, but will not have the additional layer of Governance information in Govern.


Models can only be governed if their parent project is also governed. Therefore, if you choose to govern a model that is part of an ungoverned project, the “Governable items” page will alert you and will automatically govern the parent project as well as the selected model.

If you decide to govern a model, then all model versions within that model will automatically be governed as well.

Model Versions

Model versions do not appear in the “Governable items” page, but they are automatically governed when you choose to govern the parent model.


They do not appear in the “Governable items” page. Bundles can be governed from the dedicated Bundle Registry tab. You can either choose to govern directly a bundle or govern all its existing bundles when governing a project. Once a project has been governed, all new bundles of this project will automatically be governed when created.

Item navigation


The Overview section gives you contextual information about the object. For projects, it provides the project description, project type and scope, related items, sign-off settings, and qualification snapshot.


The workflow will tell you about an object’s progress. You can click on each step of the workflow for more information. Learn more in Workflows.


The Attachments section displays references and files related to the object.


The timeline will show you a history of important changes made to the Govern item.

Deployment (Model versions and bundles only)

This tab displays deployment data for model versions and bundles.

Dataiku Objects

This section will show you all of the connected Dataiku project information from the Design node, as well as information about related items such as models, bundles, and datasets.