Notifications in Dataiku Govern are configured around sign-offs. If you are included in a sign-off, Dataiku Govern will notify you when an important status change happens.

Setting up email notifications

This feature needs be configured by your administrator first; see Setting up email notifications for more details.

Email Notifications

Emails notifications can be sent to users who:

  • Were automatically subscribed.

  • Have explicitly subscribed an item and its children if applicable.

Email are sent to users when:

  • Feedback or Final approval is submitted.

  • Feedback or Final approval is edited. Notifications are only sent for status changes and not for edits to comments.

  • A sign-off is abandoned.

  • A sign-off is canceled.

  • A sign-off is reset.

  • A sign-off reset is scheduled (Advanced license feature).

Emails can be sent to specific users when:

  • Delegating Feedback or Final approval.

Notification Subscription

Users are automatically subscribed when they:

  • Create/govern, edit, or save an govern item.


    If you govern a project by attaching it to an existing govern project, Dataiku will automatically subscribe the user to the existing Govern project even though it is not an item creation.

  • Submit Feedback or a Final approval.

  • Edit Feedback or a Final approval.

  • Abandon a sign-off.

  • Cancel a sign-off.

  • Reset a sign-off.

  • Schedule a sign-off (Advanced license feature).

Users can find the option to unsubscribe from the header of the item page or from the footer of a notification email.