Project folders

You can organize projects on the projects list into hierarchical folders.

The hierarchy is common for all users across the DSS instance.

Setting the folder of a project

There are several ways to set the folder in which to put a folder

Through the projects list

In the projects list, click on the ellipsis in the corner of the project, and select one of the options here


You can also select multiple projects by holding Shift and clicking each project, then clicking on the ellipsis.


Project capabilities are only available on the projects list, not on the homepage

Through the project settings

  • Go to the project’s settings
  • In the “Project’s folder” tab, set the path. Each ‘/’ in the project’s path will translate to another level of nesting of the project in subfolders.

Subfolders are “virtual” and do not need to be created a priori


  • The administrators of a project (and the global DSS administrators) can choose the target folder of their project
  • There is no security on the folders. Any project can move its project anywhere in the hierarchy. The goal of projects hierarchy is not to bring an additional layer of security