Managed folders in Python API

This class lets you interact with managed folders in Python recipes and notebooks. See Using managed folders for more information.

class dataiku.core.managed_folder.Folder(lookup, project_key=None)

This is a handle to interact with a managed folder.

Note: this class is also available as dataiku.Folder


Removes all files from the folder


Gets the filesystem path for a given file within the folder

Parameters:filename (str) – Name of the file within the folder

Get the set of last values of the metrics on this folder, as a dataiku.ComputedMetrics object

get_metric_history(metric_lookup, partition='')

Get the set of all values a given metric took on this folder

  • metric_lookup – metric name or unique identifier
  • partition – optionally, the partition for which the values are to be fetched

Gets the filesystem path of the folder


Reads a JSON file within the folder and returns its parsed content

Parameters:filename (str) – Name of the file within the folder

Save metrics on this folder. The metrics are saved with the type “external”

Parameters:values_dict – the values to save, as a dict. The keys of the dict are used as metric names
write_json(filename, obj)

Writes an object (or array) as JSON to a file within the folder

  • filename (str) – Name of the target file within the folder
  • obj (str) – JSON-serializable object to write (generally dict or list)