Common Chart ElementsΒΆ

The following controls have a common purpose across all chart types, though not every feature is available for every chart type.

  • By default, all rows are used to produce the chart. To focus the chart on a subset of records, drag one or more columns to the Filters control and select which values of those columns should be displayed, and which should be filtered out.

  • Display controls the location and display of the chart legend.

  • Color controls the color in the charts. See Color palettes for details.

  • By default, charts are static. To animate a chart, drag a column to the Animation control.

  • By default, a single chart is produced. To create paneled charts, drag a column to the Subcharts control.

  • By default, charts include tooltips for points in the chart. Drag one or more columns to the Tooltip control in order to add information on those columns to the tooltips.