Flag rows on value

This processor flags rows containing specified values. This processor creates a column containing ‘1’ for matching (in-range) rows, nothing else.

Match modes

By setting the match mode, you can specify how you want this processor to search:

  • ‘Complete value’ : remove/keep rows where the searched value is the complete cell value

  • ‘Substring’ : remove/keep rows when the cell contains the searched value

  • ‘Regular expression’: remove/keep rows when the cell matches the searched value (note: the regular expression is not anchored)

Normalization modes

By setting the normalization mode, you can specifiy how you want this processor to search:

  • Using a case-sensitive search (‘Exact’ mode)

  • Using a case-insensitive search (‘Lowercase’ mode)

  • Using an accents-insensitive search (‘Normalize’ mode)

Columns selection

This processor can check its matching condition on multiple columns:

  • A single column

  • An explicit list of columns

  • All columns matching a given pattern

  • All columns

You can select whether the row will be considered as matching if:

  • All columns are matching

  • Or, at least one column is matching