Classify User-Agent

This processor parses and extracts information from a browser’s User-Agent string.

The following columns are created and may or may not be filled depending on the user agents:

  • ‘type’: one of:
  • ‘browser’ (desktop OS)
  • ‘tablet’
  • ‘phone’
  • ‘mobile’ (could be either a tablet or phone)
  • ‘bot’ (crawlers, spam, …)
  • ‘library’ (wget, urllib2, …)
  • ‘rss’ : RSS feed readers
  • ‘unknown’
  • ‘brand’: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Android, …
  • ‘category’: Quite like brand, but tries to distinguish browsers of the same brand that behave differently. For example, IE8 and IE9 are the same brand, but different categories
  • ‘version’
  • ‘os’ : Operating system
  • ‘osversion’ : Version of the Operating system
  • ‘osflavor’ : Variant of the Operating System (Linux distribution, 32/64 bits, …)