Transform string

This processor performs various encoding/decoding and string transformations on a column. Transformations are always done in-place

Supported transformations

  • Convert to uppercase / convert to lowercase
  • Remove leading / trailing whitespaces (trim)
  • Capitalize: puts a capital letter at the beginning of each cell
  • Normalize: converts to lowercase, removes accents, and performs Unicode normalization (Café -> cafe)
  • Truncate: keeps only the first N characters of the cell
  • Encode / Decode URL : form URL escaping (nice 7% -> nice%207%25) or unescaping (nice%207%25 -> nice 7%)
  • Escape/ Unecape XML entities: replaces &lt;, &gt;, and &amp; by <, > and & in XML Strings
  • Escape / Unescape Unicode values: replaces Unicode characters by their codepoint : é ->00e9 or the opposite