Each DSS project contains a Wiki.

You can use the Wiki of a project:

  • To document the project’s goals
  • To document the project’s inputs and outputs
  • To document the inner workings of the project
  • As a way to organize your work with your colleagues
  • To keep track of planned future enhancements

The DSS wiki is based on the well-known Markdown language.

In addition to writing Wiki pages, the DSS wiki features powerful capabilities.


All the pages of the Wiki are organized in a hierarchical taxonomy. Each article can have a “Parent” article (articles can also have no parent and be attached to the root of the hierarchy).

The taxonomy can be browsed in order to get a quick overview of your Wiki

Home articles

Selected articles can be made available in the “Getting started with DSS” sliding panel on the homepage of DSS users. It is recommended to use this feature to put on the homepage a few articles related to your particular onboarding / getting started (for example: where is the data, who to ask for help, …)

Home articles are controlled by global DSS administrators, from the “Administration > Settings > Theme & Customization” page

Publishing an article on the dashboard

There is a specific dashboard insight to show a Wiki article on the dashboard.