Obtaining support

If you encounter issues for which you can’t get an explanation by reading through the error documentation and Diagnosing and debugging issues, or have a question, you may need to obtain support.

Learn portals and FAQ

The Dataiku Learn section of our website contains a lot of howtos and practical answers, and notably contains a FAQ that covers many common problems. Make sure to refer to it.

Community Answers

We maintain a public questions/answers site where you can browse for existing answers, or ask your own question.

Live chat

Depending on your DSS license, you may have access to our live chat directly in DSS. Live chat is also available on Dataiku website.

Editor support (for Dataiku customers)

If you are a Dataiku customer or currently running an evaluation, you may contact Dataiku support, either by:

Guidelines for submitting a support ticket

Describe your issue. Include screenshots if it appears to be a front-end issue.

  1. Where did the issue happen?
  2. If something had previously been working, what did you recently change?
  3. Try to describe the set of steps you took that resulted in the error or issue you now see. Try to be precise!
  4. Let us know what you have already tried to do to fix the problem on your own, following the instructions on Diagnosing and debugging issues. Include any job or instance diagnosis files, as appropriate.