Flag holidays

This processor identifies whether a date is a school holiday, a bank holiday or a weekend.

It takes as input a Date column and outputs 3 boolean columns : - *school: whether this date is a school holiday or not. (FR) - *bank: whether this date is a bank holiday or not. (FR,US,IT,DE,ES,GB,PL,JP) - *weekend: whether this date is a weekend or not. (FR,US,IT,DE,ES,GB,PL,JP)

It’s worth noting that a Date in DSS corresponds to a point in time, just like a timestamp. Conversely, a holiday is always defined by a timezone-less tuple (year,month,day). Consequently, a timezone must be provided in order to convert this timezone-less representation into a Date.

Although the timezone can be specified explicitly, it may be more convenient to use the country’s default timezone.

Country Default timezone
FR Europe/Paris
US America/New_York
IT Europe/Rome
DE Europe/Berlin
ES Europe/Madrid
JP Asia/Tokyo
PL Europe/Warsaw
GB Europe/London