Installing an API node

You need to manually install one or several API Nodes:
  • If you want to create a static infrastructure in the API Deployer. See Concepts for more information.
  • If you don’t plan on using API Deployer

The process of installing a DSS API node instance is very similar to a regular DSS installation.

Please therefore first read:


Installing the API Node is only supported on Linux, not on macOS


To install an API node, you need:

  • the installation tar.gz file (the regular DSS one)
  • to make sure that you meet the installation Requirements.
  • Root access is not strictly required, but you might need to install dependencies. If you want to start API Node at machine boot time, root access is required.

It is highly recommended to create a UNIX user dedicated to running the API node.

Only the base port of the DSS API node needs to be opened out of the machine.



Unpack the tar.gz in the location you have chosen for the installation directory.

tar xzf /PATH/TO/dataiku-dss-VERSION.tar.gz
# This creates installation directory SOMEDIR/dataiku-dss-VERSION

Install Data Science Studio

From the user account which will be used to run the DSS API node, enter the following command:

dataiku-dss-VERSION/ -t api -d DATA_DIR -p PORT -l LICENSE_FILE


  • DATA_DIR is the location of the data directory that you want to use. If the directory already exists, it must be empty.
  • PORT is the base TCP port.
  • LICENSE_FILE is your DSS license file.


Using the API node requires a specific DSS license. Please contact Dataiku for more information.

The installer automatically checks for any missing system dependencies. If any is missing, it will give you the command to run to install them with superuser privileges. After installation of dependencies is complete, you can start the DSS installer again, using the same command as above.

(Optional) Enable startup at boot time

At the end of installation, DSS will give you the optional command to run with superuser privileges to configure automatic boot-time startup:

sudo -i INSTALL_DIR/scripts/install/ DATA_DIR USER_ACCOUNT

Start DSS API Node

To start Data Science Studio, run the following command:

DATA_DIR/bin/dss start