Project folders

You can interact with project folders through the API.

Basic operations

The ROOT project folder can be retrieved with the get_root_project_folder method.

client = DSSClient(host, apiKey)
root_folder = client.get_root_project_folder()

Alternatively any project folder can be retrieved with its ID with the get_project_folder method.

client = DSSClient(host, apiKey)
prj_folder = client.get_project_folder(prj_folder_id)

The name and path of a project folder can be retrived.

name = prj_folder.get_name()
path = prj_folder.get_path()

Creating entities

To create a child project folder, use the create_sub_folder method.

newborn_child = prj_folder.create_sub_folder(project_folder_name)

Projects can be created the same way using the create_project method.

new_project = prj_folder.create_project(project_key, project_name, owner)

Moving entities

To move a project folder to another location (into another project folder), use the move_to method.


Similarly projects can be moved to another location (into another project folder), use the move_project_to method.

prj_folder.move_project_to(project_key, new_parent)

Managing project folders

One can delete an empty project folder with sufficient permissions.


In order to edit its name, or its permissions, one must get the project folder settings beforehand.

pf_settings = prj_folder.get_settings()
pf_permissions = pf_settings.get_permissions()