Microsoft SQL Server

DSS supports the full range of features on Microsoft SQL Server:

  • Reading and writing datasets
  • Executing SQL recipes
  • Performing visual recipes in-database
  • Using live engine for charts

Installing the JDBC driver

The SQL Server JDBC driver can be downloaded from Microsoft website (at time of writing, from

  • Make sure to select a version that is a “JDBC Type 4 driver”
  • Download the “tar.gz” version
  • Unarchive the downloaded file
  • Take only the “enu/jre7/sqljdbc41.jar”

The driver is the single JAR file called sqljdbc41.jar

  • Copy the JAR file to the lib/jdbc driver of DSS
  • Restart DSS

Azure DataWarehouse mode

DSS has experimental support for the Azure Data Warehouse. Configure a Azure Data Warehouse connection by enabling the “Azure Data Warehouse” option of a SQL Server connection


This option must only be used for “Azure Data Warehouse” databases. You must not use this option for regular SQLServer databases hosted on Azure.

Setting the “Azure Data Warehouse” option on a regular SQLServer database will result in a non-functional connection


Writing data to a Azure Data Warehouse dataset is slow (apart from the case where the input is on the same database and the recipe uses the SQL / In Database engine)